Non-Performing Notes – KVM Investments group

KVM Investments acquires residential Non-Performing Notes (NPN), in either First and Second position. Our charter is to turn non-performing loans into performing loans. We work closely with each homeowner to find a mutually beneficial workout solution, with a focus on the borrower staying in their home whenever possible. As a result, our services help homeowners in distress, while increasing the value of our loan investments.

We strive to find a mutually beneficial solution for both the homeowner and ourselves.  The numerous workout solutions we employ are administered and implemented by various 3rd party, licensed and bonded Loan Servicing organizations. In this manner, we are assured to always remain compliant with the various State regulatory agencies. Our typical workout solutions are listed as follows:

For homeowners with decent to good credit, and sufficient, stable and verifiable income, our first approach is to attempt to facilitate a FHA-HAMP refinance. This workout is the most preferable solution, if the homeowner is able to qualify.

Loan Modification:
If the homeowner does not fit into the above program due to lower income or credit circumstances, then we attempt a Loan Modification workout. The loan mod strategy may incorporate a reduction of either the interest rate or loan balance, or both.

Short Loan Payoff:
The Short Loan Payoff strategy is only available to homeowners who may have a source of cash from friends or relatives, who may want to assist the homeowner in eliminating the debt from the subject property. This workout resolution may include some reduction in the outstanding loan balance.

Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure:
In cases in which the homeowner is not able to qualify for the above workout strategies, we will make an offer of a Deed-in-Lieu of foreclosure, and also offer a cash for cooperation to assist the home owner in their relocation expenses. This workout also helps to maintain the homeowners credit standing.

Short Sale:
In cases in which the homeowner is not able to qualify for the above workout strategies, and the Deed-in-Lieu is not a viable solution, then KVM will move towards a Short Sale resolution.  This strategy requires the  cooperation of the homeowner and employs the services of a professional local Realtor. This resolution also helps to maintain the homeowners credit standing.

If the property is Vacant or otherwise abandoned by the homeowner, then in some cases, KVM will be forced to resort to Foreclosure.