About Us

KVM Properties, KVM Investments and Vantage MHP are all divisions and DBA’s of Midwest RE Capital LLC.  The principal member of Midwest if Vincent Bindi, and Mr Bindi and key management members have over 70 years of combined residential and commercial real estate experience pertaining to development, construction, renovations, management and finance.   We can be reached at:  

(888) 201-7066 , or by email at: Info@KVMProperties.com 

Vincent Bindi

Mr Bindi holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Missouri and a Masters of Science degree from Purdue University.  He relocated to southern California in 1978, and resides in Orange County with his wife and family.  Mr Bindi has developed-constructed over 350 new homes, 48 multi-units, and have renovated over 110 single family, manufactured homes and multi-units.